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Message Remix 2.0 Hardcover

Message Remix 2.0 Hardcover
By: Eugene H. Peterson
ISBN: 1600060021

The Message Remix 2.0 is packed with a variety of features ideal for
students and youth pastors. This latest version of the best selling Message
Remix is 20% thinner than its predecessor and includes expanded book
introductions, a topical concordance of student related material and
reference resources with maps and charts. As always, the Remix includes the
exclusive Message numbering system.

* 20% thinner than the original
* Expanded introductions to each book of the Bible including unique
information about the author and events in world history
* New topical concordance of issues students face every day
* Fresh new binding styles, textures and colors selected by hundreds of
high school and college students from across the country.
* Charts that explain the chronological order of the Old Testament and
New Testament books.
* Five new handcrafted maps
* Exclusive Message verse numbering system
* 7″ x 5.25″
* 1856 pages
* Hardcover

The Message REMIX Pause: The Daily Bib

The Message REMIX Pause: The Daily Bible for Students
By: Eugene H. Peterson
ISBN: 1576838439

Description: Life moves pretty fast. This one-year edition of The essage helps students pause and reflect—so they don’t miss the best part! Flexible plans help young people read through all of Scripture in one, two, or four years

* Thoughtful questions for each passage
* Size: 6″ x 8″
* 1856 pages, softcover from NavPress