Secret Mystery Game

The secret mystery game involves everyone, whether they know it or not! Those that are “in” try and set up their friends by saying something that is either incorrect, or different than normal(i.e. “The sky is such a pretty color green” or “I was in the World Series last year”). When someone answers with the response that is desired by the person who made the statement (i.e. “No, the sky is blue” or “You were not in the world series”), that person shouts “You Win!!” and gives them a prize. The prize can be anything you want…we have given out pine cones, water bottle caps, and high fives. If the winner does not accept the prize, they automatically lose. You cannot explain the game to someone until they win! Then you tell them they are in, and to try and set others up!! Loads of fun, play it with your friends! Fastest growing game in the nation!! 🙂