Stuffed Animal Offering

I’ve played this game with our youth group, and they constantly ask me to play it again.

You will need stuffed animals, and a table in the front of the room to act as the ‘altar’. You will need about the same amount of stuffed animals as you have youth. Get the youth to stand facing you in front of the room. Have them close their eyes while helpers hide the stuffed animals on the chairs and in other places throughout the room. (I recommend to not hide them behind expensive equipment. On the chairs is good enough, it doesn’t have to be difficult.) Hide the same amount of animals as youth, minus 1. So if you have 15 youth, hide 14 animals.

When you say go, give them 15 seconds to hurry and find an animal and bring it to the altar. If they make it, they stand off to the side. If they run out of time or just can’t find an animal, they are out, and must go sit down.

Continue this with the youth you have left until one remains, always reducing the amount of animals you hide to be 1 less than the number of youth you have left.

Give prize to the winner.

This game is great to get the youth to understand the kind of lifestyle the Old Testament people had, and the long and difficult procedures they had to go through to get their sins forgiven. But now, because of Jesus, we don’t need animal sacrifices anymore and we get to live in freedom from that chaos.