Operation Night Commando

This is probably the most favorite game in my youth group! You will first need permission from your senior pastor to use your sanctuary. It then begins by splitting your group into four teams. You only play one team at a time. The game is played in the dark and the object is to get from the back of the sanctuary to the front, get a tootsie roll and back. The catch is that the person you are trying to keep from catching you is standing on a table in the front of the sanctuary with a flash light shining it back and forth like a light house. If you are caught by the light the zapper will send you to the back for 30 secs. Have people stationed to take people back and hold them there until their time is up. You’ll be amazed at how long 30 sec can be! The people passing out the candy are under that table. We usually play some type of jungle music to give it an extra twist. Eventually, as the game goes on, the zapper will change the pattern of his light doing pretty much anything he wants. It’s loads of fun and could last for hours!