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Backwards Scavenger Hunt

Here’s an interesting twist on the classic scavenger hunt. Instead of providing a list and sending students off to find the items, send the students off to find the items and then provide the list. Here’s how it works…

1. Create a panel of 3 judges.

2. Divide your students into 3 or more groups.

3. Give the groups 5 minutes to go find a huge collection of various items that will form their pool of resources. They may come back with styrofoam cups, couch cushions, pop cans, hockey sticks, etc.

4. Each group returns to the room/gym with a nice big pile of items in front of them.

5. As the leader, you will read out one item on your scavenger hunt list – for example: Life preserver.

6. The students then quickly collaborate to come up with one item or a couple of items that will represent “life preserver.”

7. Once they have an item, they rush up to the panel of judges. They rush because bonus points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd groups ready for judging.

8. Each group presents their item and is given a brief opportunity to sell the judges on why their item best represents “life preserver.” One group may bring two couch cushions tied around a student’s waist with rope. Another group may bring up a Bible.

9. Judges secretly score each team and after all teams are done presenting, the judges reveal their scores and award the bonuses for the first teams to have their list item ready.

Have fun with your list items and to keep things interesting, make some of them intentionally vague and open to interpretation.

Make sure you set up clear boundaries at the outset so that students don’t get into rooms or offices they shouldn’t and remind them that whatever they bring to the room/gym, they have to return when the game’s done.

Game Show Buzzer

Need some buzzers for contestants to buzz in answers during a game show you’re running? Try kids’/pets’ squeeky toys, have them slap their hand down and crush a styrofoam cup, or better yet… get a couple of those Staples “That Was Easy” Buttons that they sell online or in-store.