This basically turns into an all out brawl, but our kids loved it.

Here’s the way it works.
1)Form two teams with an even amount of guys and girls.
2)Guys must play by only hoping around on one leg, like in Flamingo Football.
3)You have one ball per 30 kids and one adult officiating per ball.
4)The goal is to get the ball across the other end line, but there are some rugby related rules
– The ball can’t be thrown forward, only backwards or sideways.
– The ball may be only be advanced by running or kicking.
– Once the ball is scored, it is handed to the ref in charge of that ball and is then thrown to the middle.
– In the case of tie up, the ref says, “Jump” everyone stops and the ref throws the ball up like a jump ball in basketball.

This game is dirty, rough, and whole lot of fun. Feel free to email me with any questions.