Snowless Snowball Fight

This is a fun game to play if you like having snowball fights, but do not have any snow. You’ll need white pantyhose and flour to make the snowballs and how many depends on your group size (about 1 to 1.5 per person). You take the pantyhose and cut the two legs apart from each other. You take an 8oz paper cup, fill it with flour and put it into the bottom of the pantyhose leg. Then you tie off the pantyhose with two square knots on top off each other, cut the pantyhose in between the knots and you have a snowless snowball. Repeat the process where the knot is still in the leg until you have used it all. You should get about 8 per leg from “queen size” hose.
Now you have snowballs that do not hurt too bad when they hit you and you can use throw them over and over again. With these snowballs you can play any number of games.
One is to have the group break up into two teams with a brave youth leader as the leader, or should I say target for each team. Split the area of play in half and have the leaders positioned a good ways away from each other in a designated place with only a little room to move around (a circle 4ft across is good). Then have the teams try and hit the other team’s leader. If a person is hit with a snowball while on the enemies side, they have to drop their snowball and return to their territory. The team that ends up with the leader that has less flour on them is the winner. To make the game a little more interesting, surprise everyone by entering waterballoons in as ammunition half-way through the game.