Fruit Basket

Set chairs in circle with the chairs facing towards the center of the circle. Have the number chairs to equal the number of youths minus one. Seat the youths and select one to stand in the middle. The youth leader is to go around the circle assigning a fruit type to each youth not to exceed three fruits. For example, Apple, Orange, Banana, Apple, Orange, Banana, until all youth have a fruit name including the youth in the middle. Instruct the youths that the person in the middle will call out a fruit. When that fruit is called, all youths with that fruit must get up and find an empty set vacated by another youth. The youth in the middle must do the same. They cannot set in the same chair they vacated. The person who was not able to get to another chair must go to the middle of the circle and call out another type fruit. To make it interesting, the youth in the middle can call out “FRUIT BASKET!!” At this point everyone must get up and find a different seat. Encourage kids not to push and shove, it can become a very physical game.