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Messy Food Relay

This gets messy so bathing suits and/or t-shirts and shorts are recommended, and a water hose to rinse off is needed. Divide into as many teams as desired, but aim for at least 5 people on each team.
On chairs or low tables, have boxes or brown grocery bags filled with an assortment of odd foods. Cans of Cheez Wiz, small sandwich bags with a handful of surgery cereal, small pkgs. of crackers, cans of soda (I once found Diet Chocolate Cherry Fudge Soda!), small cans of Vienna sausages, snack cakes (especially the kind with creme filling!), and any other small, easy to open, easy to consume food item — the grosser the better!
Have the teams line up behind their bag/box, and have one person not playing standing at each food bag to assist. The team members blindly pick food items out of the bag (first thing they touch is what they must keep) and consume it as quickly as possible. When they have finished, they tag the next team member and so it goes. Have enough food items in each bag so that each team member can have three turns each at the bag. The *real* fun comes in when the person assisting at the bag “helps” along the team member, by maybe cramming the food in a little faster so that it “accidentally” smears all over the persons face, or helping with the soda and it ends up getting poured over the team members head. The assistants should wait until the second go-around, so that no one will know what is going to happen until their 2nd time around. Fellow team members can be encouraged to “help” along any slower members of their team. Everyone should be cautioned, however, not to get too rough. The messier it gets, the more fun everyone has. That is why it is important to find “gross” food items. If it is an all-event, mix up the ages so older kids help younger ones.

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