In The Dark Game

This is a game we made up one night and we have been playing it ever since. Our church basement has no windows which makes this the perfect area for this game but almost any area can be modified with a little ingenuity. What you want is a large area that can be made pitch dark. Our basement has several small rooms and one large common area. Pick a room for home base that everyone will start in. Once the group is inside the room with the light on the leaders need to add some “safe” obstacles in all the other areas. Before beginning the game you must confiscate all items which may have lights on them like watches or light up key rings, etc. We even tape the refridgerator door closed in the kitchen. One person is chosen to be the seeker. They are told to count to 100 but not too fast. The lights are then turned off and everyone files out of the home room and hides anywhere in the designated area. (Some areas may need to be off limits for saftey. IE. washrooms) The last person out of the home room closes the door. When the seeker is finished counting they open the door, announce that they are beginning to seach and then close the door behind them. The hiders are no longer allowed to move and must try to remain as quiet as possible. The is hard to do while listening to the seeker running into objects, etc. When the seeker finds someone that person must make their way back to the home room as quietly as possible and close the door behind them again. Play continues until everyone has been found or the pre-determined time runs out. Everyone returns to the home room and the lights are turned back on. Blinded – everyone will groan for a few seconds. Choose the next person to be the seeker and play begins again. The lights being on make the sudden plunge into darkness seem a little more overwhelming. This is one game our group has never gotten bored of yet. Not sure why.