Name that Ball

This is a hilarious game that gets everyone rolling.
Materials: 2 tables, 6 or 8 sports balls (must be an even number), something to cover each ball, 3 table cloths that will reach the floor, one with a head size hole in the middle of it .
Setup: Place the 2 tables end to end with about 2 feet of space between them. Cover the tables with the table cloths placing the one with a hole over the 2 ft space. Place half the balls on one table and half on the other table, covering each ball. For the hole in the middle, have a person sit under the cloth and stick their head through the hole. Also cover their head.
How to Play: Have 3 or 4 youth volunteer to play the game. Take them out into a hall or another room to where they can’t hear the screaming that will take place. Tell each volunteer that they are racing to see who can name each ball the quickest. They must start at the end of table 1, name the first ball, then go to the end of table 2, name that ball, then back to table 1…so on and so on working their way in until they reach the center where the head is. The expressions on their faces are priceless. Please email me with any questions or comments on how the game goes.