Larry Biel

Carol Hunt

A video camera is needed for each team or carload. This game works best if done at night, during the Christmas season.
Goal – get as many Christmas carols on tape within a time limit (30 minutes)
The idea is to tape the group, or a portion of the group singing a line or 2 of a Christmas carol with the appropriate Christmas lights in the background. (ie – A Santa in a yard with the group singing, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa…”) You can only use one house per carol and you receive one point for each carol.
After the time limit go back to church or a home and show the videos while countng carols.

What Is It?

I have 4 objects in this bag
I am going to describe them one at a time and when I am done describing each one I want you to tell me what it was that I described.

Someone who tells you that you are loved
Someone who takes care of your needs
They live with you
-Parents (picture or doll)

This next object is very forgiving
It greets you the same every time you come back to it
It too lives in homes
-Dog (stuffed animal)

It is alive
It is found where people care because It is black and white and red all over
-A sun burned Zebra (picture of zebra with red coloring)

I have not only described 3 different objects, but those same descriptions apply to my last object.
Review the previous characteristics, let them guess and then pull out the last object
-A Bible