A simple phone call the afternoon of youth events.
All kids who walk in the door fill out a card with their name, address, phone number, Highschool, grade, and birthdate/age.
Put their name and phone on a list to give to 2 or 3 of your Hard Core youth. Each Wed. or Fri. or whenever you have youth, the kids with the lists call everyone on the list. If they’re not home leave a message. If they know people care about them, they’ll come. The main focus of the call is to make sure to remind them of the youth function for that night. Second, whether they are coming or not, to pray with them about anything in their life they may be struggling with. Each youth function, no matter how little, or how big.
Show these kids you care, and especially that the other kids care about them to. Make it a place where they can feel at home, no cliques, no making fun, nothing but Christ’s love being shown. And remember, DON’T BE AFRAID TO PREACH ON SIN.