Shelly Boggs

Beach Egg Rolling

Materials needed: 2 quart jars or large plastic tumblers, 2 dozen eggs, beach with designated area to play game. Divide into teams and line up directly behind each other. One person (generally an adult) for each team will sit in sand approx. 15′ away from the start line, holding cup or jar level on the sand. Place one egg at start line, at signal, first person gets on hands and knees and begins rolling the egg along with face, cheek, lips, nose – anything from the head up but NO hands… object is to roll egg into the jar or cup being held at “finish” line. Each person on team gets their own egg… have paper towels and trash bag handy – eggs have a tendancy to “crack” when too much pressure is applied! When an egg breaks, lay another one down beside it and let the player continue on towards the “finish” cup or jar. First team to get all their eggs into the cup or jar wins. This is great when done on a public beach!! The spectators enjoy it and do a wonderful job cheering the teams on!


Divide youth into 2 teams (more if necessary for larger groups) and have each team “vote” on who will be mummified… each team mate is given a roll of toilet paper and the person to be mummified stands in the center of their teammates – signal for the game to begin and turn kids loose with their toilet paper….they will have to learn how to alternate as well as how to place shorter and smaller people to “mummify” their “mummy’s” legs and taller people will have to start at the head and shoulders. The first team to successfully, totally and completely cover their “mummy” up so that no clothing or skin is showing wins.

Pass The Banana

Divide into teams. Line players up one behind the other, all facing the same direction. The first player is given a banana and shown how to hold it between their knees. At the signal to begin, they will turn to face the player directly behind them and using no hands, that player must “take” the banana between their knees using only their knees, legs and hips to maneuver around. Remind everyone not to squish the banana as it has to be passed to the end of the line and back up to the first person for a team to be done.
The first team to successfully do so and still have a banana that looks like a banana wins. It’s really fun if you have a variety of ages – stagger the younger (shorter) ones between the taller ones.

Pass the Box

Using a sturdy box that has flaps that can be closed to keep contents from being seen, or a dark trash bag that can’t be seen through – place a variety of items inside that can be worn. Things like plastic bead necklaces, funky sunglasses, safety glasses, clip on ear rings, bathing suit tops and/or bottoms, tube socks, knee highs, head bands, plastic shower caps, sponge type curlers, baseball caps, aprons, rubber gloves, work gloves, baby bibs, etc…..arrange seating in a circle. Assign one adult (or older teen) to be in charge of cassette player. When the music starts the box or bag is passed around from person to person – when the music is stopped, whoever has the box or bag, must reach inside, without looking and pull out something and put on whatever they pull out…. this game can be played by all ages as long as younger players are placed between older ones so they can be given some help.

Water Balloon Pass

Materials needed: approx. 6 small round balloons filled with water and tied tightly.
Divide into teams. Line up one behind the other. First person takes water balloon and “holds” it between their chin and shoulder and turns around to face the person behind them. Using no hands, they “pass” the water balloon to their teammate… “passing” continues to the last person and back up to the starting person. When a balloon breaks (after the screaming and jumping around!) it is replaced and the two who were attempting to “pass” when it broke, must complete a successful pass and the game continues. A great variation with this one is to use long balloons filled with water and a little vegetable oil. Lightly grease the balloon and it is placed between the knees of the first person and then passed to the person behind them, no hands…only legs, hips and knees can be used. Caution, too much oil and they won’t be able to keep it between their knees…just a very light coating and it is slippery enough that they will tend to “grip” it harder with their knees.