Who Wants To Be A Christian-aire

I made up 4 sets of questions ranging from $100 to $1,000,000. The questions were based on Biblical stories and quotes and our own church\’s history. Each youth had the opportunity to answer the fastest \”feet\” question which was written on an index card. When they got the answer they stood up and the first one standing with all the correct answers was invited to take the \”hot seat\”. An example of a fastest feet question was: Put these books of the Bible in order starting with the earliest. Matthew / Luke / John / Mark. The questions were arranged in order of difficulty.
For example a $100 question was : Where was baby Jesus born?
a)a Holiday Inn
b)a condo at the beach
c)a stable in Bethlehem
We used a cell phone for a life line. Prizes such as teen Bibles etc. were awarded to all contestants.