Allan Hayley

Coffee Cup Shuffle Board

Every church has most everything you need for this game, here’s the list:
2 long Folding Tables
Roll of Masking Tape
6 Paper Coffee Cups
6 Golf Balls

To play the game place the tables end to end so you have one long table. At each end use the masking tape to create a Shuffle Board scoring triangle. You can decide how you want to score each section of the triangle. You can also use the tape to cover the small gap between the tables if needed and make sure the tables are pretty level where they come together so the cups roll smoothly across the table. Each coffee cup is placed over each golf ball. Each of the 2 teams gets 3 cups. Mark the cups so each team knows which is theirs. Two players stand at each end of the table (a player from each team) and gently they push the cups toward the scoring triangle at the other end of the table. Each player on a team alternates pushes to allow the opportunity to knock out the opposing team’s cup. The score is tabulated after all 6 cups have been pushed. The more kids that you have the more tables you will need, 4 players per table seems to work best.

Frogs on a Pond Tag

This is an easy game of tag that will keep the kids on their toes. Supplies needed: something large enough for 2 kids to stand on (a bath towel, large sheet of paper, carpet square, etc.). You will need enough of these for each kid playing.

Randomly place them on the floor throughout the room, these are your “Lily Pads”. Have each kid stand on a lily pad, there can only be one person on a each pad during the game. Next pick 2 kids to begin the game one is “it” and one will be chased by “it”. Have them step off their “Lily Pads” and then remove their pads from the game. The object of the game is for the kid who is “it” to tag a kid who is not on a lily pad. The first person to be chased can at anytime during the game jump onto another person’s “lily pad”. Once he/she does that he/she is safe, but the other person who was on the pad must now get off the pad and he/she is now the one being chased. There is no pause in the action when this takes place. Once a person is tagged by “it” they are now the one who has to chase and try to tag another player who is not on a “Lily Pad”.

This game had our kids really hopping, even our adult leaders got in on the fun.

Indoor Battleship

This game is played like the board game with a slight variation.
Divide a large room in half so the teams can’t see the other half of the room, sheets or blankets hanging from a rope works well. Give each team a total of 17 chairs, these will become the ships. The kids can place the chairs anywhere on their side of the room as follows:
Chairs must be placed in a straight line so that they are touching each other to form a ship.
5 chairs is a Carrier (1 ship)
4 chairs is a Battleship (1 ship)
3 chairs is a Destroyer (2 ships)
2 chairs is a Cruiser (1 ship)

Have the kids sit in the chairs to become the crew. If you don’t have enough kids to fill all the ships, each ship must have 1 crew member.
Cannonballs (soccer balls, basketballs) are given to each ship. At the “FIRE” command by a leader a cannonball is thrown, one at a time, over the room divider. If a ship is hit on the fly, no bounces, a “HIT” is announced and one of the chairs is layed on its side, but not removed from the ship to keep track of the number of “HITS”. The game continues till one of the teams has its entire fleet sunk.

Another quick thought, you can also play this game outside when its warm and use water balloons instead of balls, or indoors if you’ve got a mop and a nice janitor.

Minding the Mall

This hunt is great for cold winter days when you can’t get out much. Split the kids up into any number of teams. Each team is given a list of “word plays” that indicate a store in the mall. (ie. 1/100 of a dollar. Answer: JC Pennys or A patriotic bird. Answer: American Eagle) You can make up your own “word plays” depending on the stores in the mall. Each team is given the same list of “word plays”, but in a different order so they can’t follow another team around the mall, the stores must be done in the order on the list. We had an adult leader go with each team to keep them honest. Once the team determines what they think the store is they have to go to the store and collect something from the store that has the store name on it. (ie. a bag, a business card, etc) The kids must ask one of the store clerks for the item and they must have the store cleck sign that item. There is nothing to be purchased, the item must be free of charge.
Team with the most correct answers (items) is the winner. In case of a tie the first team back is the winner. Once the hunt was completed we hit the mall ice cream shop for a cool treat.

Musical Chairs Variation

Musical chairs is a great game, the only problem is what to do with all the kids that get out right away. The solution: don’t have anybody get out. We pitted the girls against the guys. You will need only six chairs and a really large dice,(we used a large square box). Place the chairs real far apart facing the center of the room and mark them 1 thru 6. Have all the kids place their hands on one another’s shoulders and begin going around in a circle as the music plays. When the music stops everybody runs for a chair. The first person to a chair sits down and every person following sits on the preceeding person’s lap. Now, the dice comes into play. Someone rolls the dice and what ever number comes up is is the only chair that wins points. The points are given the following way. Each gender is given a point for every person of that gender sitting on the chair. The first person on the chair gives their gender double the points. (3 boys and 3 girls are sitting on a chair. the first person on the chair is a girl. points would be boys 3 and girls 6)
Music starts again and everybody gets up forms the circle and play begins anew. We played first team to reach 50 points.

Penguin Kickball

This is a great game for those cold winter nights. You’ll need the following supplies:
Soft Kickball
1 roll of shrinkwrap, you can purchase it
an office supply store.

Set up the kickball field with the bases around 15 to 20 feet apart, trust me the kids won’t be running to fast. Take the shrinkwrap and tightly wrap each players legs together from the waist to just above the knee. Wrap it around quite a few times because the wrap will stretch as the game is played. Once you’re done each player should look like they’re wearing a clear tight skirt. All the rules of kickball apply. Divide the kids into 2 teams and watch the waddling fun.

Pinball Soccer Variation

Divide the group into two teams. Have the kids pair up with an opposing player of equal size, the game won’t be far if this isn’t done. Have each pair spread throughout the room and stand back to back and lock their arms together. These are the pinball bumpers for the game. Have two kids from each team go to each end of the room and lay on their sides with their feet about four feet apart. These are the flippers for the game. A point is scored when the ball passes between the flippers and must be rolling on the floor when it does. The bumpers can move during the game but must always remain back to back with elbows locked together. Once the game gets going additional balls can be added to increase play. After each score the ball is thrown back into play.

Super Skeeball

Every fellowship hall has an abundance of folding tables and chairs, this game will put them to a different use.

Set up is easy:
Place 4 chairs in the center of the room so the backs form a square. Encircle the 4 chairs with another ring of chairs. Continue to add rings of chairs till you get something that looks like a giant target. Mark each ring with a point total, inner ring is 50 points, next one is 40 points and so on till you get ot the outer ring.
Take two folding tables and lay one on the floor without opening the legs. Place another table next to the end and only open one of the legs to form the lanching ramp.
Balls are rolled down the ramp and lanched into the Skeeball ring. For the balls we used Soccerballs, Basketballs and for a challenge Footballs.
If desired you can make the game into a team challenge and place a ramp on opposite sides of the Skeeball target and have each kid launch a ball together.

Wacky Mini Golf

This is a change of pace for 18 holes of miniature golf that can be played at any miniature golf course. You will need a few supplies that need to be brought to the course, they are as follows:
2 Dice.
2 Patio bricks.
4 Four foot lengths of 2″ PVC pipe.
4 Blind folds.

Now its time for some fun, Ready?
Each hole is a PAR 3 regardless and 6 strokes is the maximum allowed for each hole. Each stroke is played according to the hole instructions.

Hole 1: First chance at PERFECTION.
Play the hole normally.

Hole 2: Share a little Love.
Divide into 2 person teams, one member holds the club with their right hand while the other holds the same club with their left hand and swing the club together for each stroke. Divide the total individual team strokes by 2 and each team member gets that score.

Hole 3: Don’t play favorites.
Golf the hole with your unfavored hand (i.e. righty’s golf lefty and vice versa).

Face backward and putt the ball between your legs.

Hole 5: I can’t see, I can’t see!!
Pair up with a partner, one gets blindfolded and is the golfer. The other partner must direct the blind one through the hole.

Hole 6: Now I can’t see, I can’t see!!
Switch roles with your partner.

Hole 7: The Hustler hole.
Hold the club like a pool cue to putt.

Hole 8: Bend it like “Beckham”.
Kick the ball with your foot. DON’T USE THE CLUB!

Hole 9: The PBA hole.
Bowl the ball into the hole. DON’T USE THE CLUB!

Hole 10: Take it to the Bank.
Place the 2 patio bricks at different angles about a foot from the hole prior to play. The player must bank the ball off one of the bricks prior to going into the hole on the last stroke.

Hole 11: Stick that in your Pipe…
Place the ball into the PVC pipe, choose the release angle and let it roll. Before the next stroke place the end of the PVC pipe where the ball stops and repeat the process until the ball goes in. DON’T USE THE CLUB!

Hole 12: Take yourself for a Spin.
Hold the club vertically with it’s head touching the ground, touch your head to the opposite end and spin around 10 times and then putt. All following strokes only spin 5 times to avoid placing unintentional hazards on the course.

Hole 13: Who said 13 is unlucky?
Play the hole normally and then divide your hole 13 strokes by 2.

Hole 14: Skews me, did you pick up my ball?
Play your ball every other stroke. On the other strokes play another person’s ball. You can only play another color ball once.

Hole 15: Just your Luck!!
Play the hole normally. At the end of the hole, once everyone that your are playing the hole with has gone, have each person roll the dice. The number that is rolled is the Player’s number (for only this hole) that becomes your score. (i.e. if you roll a 2 you take Player 2’s score for the hole.

Hole 16: Put a spring in your step.
Bounce the ball into the hole. DON’T USE THE CLUB!

Hole 17: Close is good enough.
Each player gets 3 strokes to get closest to the hole WITHOUT going into the hole. If your ball goes into the hole by any means (i.e. gets bumped in) you get an automatic score of 6 for the hole. After first stroke farthest from the hole putts first. SCORING AS FOLLOWS, Closest gets a 1, next closest gets a 2 and so on.
“Too close to call” ties are decided by a one stroke “PUTT OFF”, closest to the hole wins.

Hole 18: Last chance at REDEMPTION
Play the hole normally.

Water Balloon Bowling

For this game you’ll need just a few supplies that are easy to come by.
10 full plastic soda bottles 12 or 16 oz. size.(The winners get the Soda)
1 bag of regular round balloons, don’t buy water balloons since they easily pop.
1 roll of plastic tablecloth, most churches have this.
A few throw pillows

The game is set up as follows:
Use the tablecloth to make the bowling lane as long as you like, the longer the better. Tape the ends down to the floor or carpet. Use a marker to show where the soda bottles will be placed, they are the pins.
Fill the balloons so that they can be easily held by the kids, if they’re too big it is hard to bowl with them. Place the filled balloons in a bucket of water so that when the kids bowl with them they will slide on the plastic tablecloth. You can also mist the tablecloth with water.
To make the game a little more challenging place the throw pillows under the tablecloth edge in different spots to form small rises in the lane.
Scoring is done just like regular bowling.
You may choose to use 6 bottles instead of 10, so you have less to set back up after each bowl of the balloon.
Have another bucket at the end of the lane so you can place the bowled balloons in it and then just switch buckets when one becomes empty.
When the game is over the kids can dispose of the balloons as they see fit, keep a towel handy!

Winter Festival Kickball

When it’s cold out just bring the fun inside along with some winter essentials. Items you’ll need (I picked them up at local resale shops for cheap).
1. Pair of skis
2. A sled that can be pulled
3. 2 tennis rackets with a rope tie attached
4. 4 blocks of ice with a rope tie frozen in them. I used a loaf pan to make the blocks. Use one in the game, the rest are in case of breakage
5. A soft foam soccer ball
6. Many pairs of mittens or gloves

How to play the game:
We played on carpet.
Set up the kickball diamond as usual.
Each fielding team member must wear a pair of mittens or gloves
A ball that is put into play can only be rolled by the team playing the field, it can never be thrown to a base.
Bunting is allowed.

To get to first base: after the ball is kicked the kicker jumps on the sled and is pulled to first base by 2 of his/her team mates.
If he/she makes it to first safely; he/she puts on tennis rackets (aka. snow shoes) and has to wear them to get to second base.
If successful; at second base he/she puts one foot on the block of ice and has to slide to third, propelling himself with the other foot (like pushing a skate board).

Once he/she makes it to third, the skis are put on to get to home.
If during play the original kicker attempts to stretch out an extra base they don’t have to change running apparatus and can continue to be pulled on the sled. (We never had a double) The same rule holds for each runner if an extra base is attempted. Running apparatus are only changed after original forward progress has stopped.
No lead-offs. cause it’s really hard to get back to the bag wearing skis or showshoes.

One more thought, if desired and the kids are dressed for it the game can be played outside in the snow. You may want to replace the block of ice skate with a large loose fitting pair of boots.

When we played we tweeked the game slightly to add more offense by allowing a pinch sledder (someone already on the sled waiting to be pulled once the ball was kicked). Also, have the fielding team, except for the pitcher, face the opposite direction until the ball is put into play.