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Traditional Cake Walk

I have recently become my churches youth leader. I found that the Cake Walk I did for the recent fall festival was a grand success. You will need church members/ family member or anyone who is willing to make a cake. I had 10 cakes donated but the more the merrier! In the fellowship hall or an open room (cafeteria etc.) put numbers in a circle on the floor. These numbers have to be the amount of cakes you START with. Have the members of your youth volunteer to play. Each one stands on a number. Music is played and the participants walk around the circle. When the music stops a number is drawn and then placed back to be drawn again. Whoever is standing on the number called wins a cake. The participant may choose a cake, or to make it more interesting you can also number the cakes so participants do not know which one they are getting). This activity is great for any holiday – just decorate the cake to match the holiday!!

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Bible Verse Hunt

This is a neat game to play after the Youth service although you can play it anytime. Usually I choose Bible verses that pertain to the lesson/service for that particular day. This way it ties it in with the service. First, count the # of pews in your sanctuary, this is the # of verses you will need. Choose your verses carefully. Don’t choose them all in the same place of the Bible. Ask you youth group to bring their bibles or provide them with one if they don’t have one. You can play this in 2 different ways: 1- one big group or 2 – split into 2 teams. Have the players sit on the very back pew. You read out the Bible verse (Psalms 4:2) The first one to stand and read it correctly (to your discretion) moves up a pew. This continues until the first person reaches the first pew. If splitting into teams, you could have the winner be the first team with all its members to reach the first pew.

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