Youth Group Movie Script

Here’s a way to learn more about each other in a fun way.
Announce that Universal Pictures called today and are looking to make a movie about the lives of the youth in your church. But to see if there is any interest, they need some information in advance. Then ask each participant to fill out a card with the following questions about a movie made of their life.

What will the title of this movie be?

Will the movie be a comedy, drama, horror or science fiction movie?

Who will they need to get to play your role?

Who will be cast as your parents? (I let them use personalities that are either living or deceased – since sometimes they think their parents are so old)

What other roles will need to be cast? (family members, friends, etc)

What will be the funniest part of this movie? (has to be a real life event that has happened in their lives)

What will be the saddest part of the movie? (actual event)

What will be the people’s reaction to the movie after they view it? ( how will they go away feeling)

We did this recently and had a great time and learned a lot about each other.