Mission: Impossible

Needed before playing: Wooded area about 2 acres in size (depending on group size), it must be dark outside, flashlights, some sort of small object (e.g., bead, tag, ticket, tape, etc.) for twice the amount of everyone in your group, scaffolding (or platform, big stump), small piece of paper for everyone in the group, and a hole puncher. The game starts off with one person (could be a leader) to volunteer to be the beacon/search light. They will get up on the scaffolding/platform with a powerful flashlight and their job is to rotate around like a lighthouse. Depending on the group size anywhere from 2-8 snipers (could also be leaders) need to volunteer as well. The snipers and beacon do not need a small object or paper. The rest of the group is given a small object and a small piece of paper. The rest of the group then has a minute to two minutes to hide. Then the snipers go out after them. The sniper’s guns are their flashlights and all they have to do is connect their beam of light to a person then the person that is caught has to hand over their small object to the sniper. Snipers cannot come within 15 feet of the beacon’s tower. When a person gets caught they must return to the beacon to get a new life chip. Once a person reaches the base of the beacon without being caught their piece of paper is punched. Please note that the beacon cannot be sound or motion sensitive. The person operating the beacon can rotate around or do irregular flashing patterns but never aim it somewhere if they think they hear something. Awards can be given out for Most Deadly Sniper and Stealthiest Spy. This game is great and the youth love it.