T-Shirt Challenge

This fundraiser was used with the Middle School aged youth but could be for any age.

The youth got into groups and worked on t-shirt designs with a Christian message. They were given a few limitations such as the use of 2 colors – that could be a colored t-shirt with a different color writing or it could be a white t-shirt with 2 colors in writing/design. We took the designs to a local t-shirt screening place and they worked with us on design setup, pricing and sales. In our case, they waived the setup fee and only required a minimum of 24 t-shirts be sold of each style. The t-shirts were sold for $10 each (very reasonable) and made sales easy.

The youth sold all 4 styles but the style that made the most money (not necessarily the most t-shirts sold) – the team that designed it got a special prize. The youth really took ownership into this fundraiser as it was their work – so they were very proud to sell it. The designs used were “Got God” (white t-shirt with black writing), “Smile, He’s Watching You” (using a big yellow smiley face on black t-shirt), “Trix are for kids, Jesus is Everyone” (Red shirt with white writing) and “It’s more than just a story” (white t-shirt with green hill, brown crosses and writing). One thing to watch for is copyright issues but the screen printing business can help you with that. The youth really enjoyed this fundraiser and really did very well in funds raised in a short amount of time.