Making Cookies

A variation on the making lemonaid in your mouth.
I put together baggies of the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking soda, etc.) instead of putting each ingredient into the students mouth individually, but that would work also.
I used this as an up front game.
3 students and 3 helpers come to the front. Each team is given a baggie of dry ingredients. Vanilla, oil, salt, a cookie sheet and measuring spoons were placed in front of them on a table.
The helper had to pour the baggie of dry ingredients into the mouth of the ‘mixer’ and then add the salt, vanilla, and oil in the appropriate amounts. (They didn’t each get their own, they had to take turns or wrestle for the spoons and extra ingredients). They then had to spit the mixture out onto the cookie sheet and shape into something from a certain theme (I used Christmas).
The crowd thought it was hilarious! Don’t expect it to be a clean game though. They spewed flour everywhere.