Chris Robertson

Balloon Ball

Divide your group into two teams and have them sit facing each other, about 30 feet apart. Take a bunch of balls and use them as ammo to hit a balloon target set in the middle of the room. The goal is to get the balloon to cross the other team’s line by hitting the balloon with balls. No hands and no blowing the balloon. It is fun to watch because students are all focusing on the balloon and they get blindsided by flying balls. It’s awesome.


Students ask for this game every week at our outreach event. This is a scenario game that we combined with the games Murder and Mafia.

All students stand in a circle and are given a card. They are not to tell anyone what is on their card. If they get a face card they are a persecutor. If they get a number card they are a Christian. (You can use paper that says the character names instead of playing cards just make sure you have a good ratio of Persecutors to Christians about 3 Christians to 1 persecutor works well).

After everyone gets their card you have them look at it and then hand it back to you. Everyone then closes their eyes and you ask the persecutors to raise their heads quietly so their neighbor does not hear them move. Let the persecutors see who their partners in crime are. Then everyone wakes up and the game begins.

The lights in the church go out and it becomes a time of deciding who you will trust and who you won’t. The students wander through the halls until someone is martyred by a persecutor and they are found by someone. Once a Martyr has been found, lying where ever the persecutor decided to stash them, the discoverer yells Martyr and the game is paused for everyone to file into a common room.

A persecutor can martyr someone by gesturing their hand across the Christians neck. Christians must fall down or go with the persecutor where ever they lead them a stashing must be quick so no one sees.

In the Common room a trial takes place. If someone saw the crime take place they get to motion to put a potential persecutor on trial. Anyone can make an accusation. The accusation must be seconded by someone else before they are put on trial. Once on trial they get the floor to defend themselves for a short time. Take a vote of all remaining alive people and majority rules on whether they remain alive or dead. Have the one voted off tell the people what they were for encouragement or a gut punch. Martyrs can not talk at all.

The game ends when there are no more persecutors or more persecutors than Christians. Tip- you may want some activity for those martyred because the game can go long.

Peg Ball

This is a crazy game mixes dodge ball and paintball. I made it up with a couple of our students.

You will need a whole bunch of small soft rubber balls, we bought out our local dollar store, (we used to use tennis balls but they hurt and break windows). You toss the balls out randomly on the floor through out a multi purpose room or gym. The balls are free for anyone to pick up and use as ammo through out the game. You begin by arranging the room with random bunkers (tables on their side, stacks of chairs, garbage cans, etc…) anything you can hide behind. There are no boundaries just starting positions. So a person from side A can run over to side B and vice versa.

Players can start holding one ball and they need to be touching a back wall. The object is elimination. If you get hit by a ball you are out. The hit player sits down where they were hit. They can throw balls to their team mates that remain alive. The down player is able to come back only after someone on your team catches a ball. If you are down on the opposing side you are immediately allowed to be hit again or hit someone. The team that eliminates all opposing players wins and the game, as we play it, is played in series, meaning best 3 out of 5 before switching teams. After each game the teams switch sides to eliminate any barrier advantages. This game gets sweaty and is awesome to attract guys. The girls tend to bunker and stand as far away from the other team as possible.