Food Bank Scavenger Hunt

Contact an organization that helps people in your community (e.g. foodbank, drop-in centre for homeless people). Ask what kinds of things they need (e.g. bars of soap, disposable razors for clients’ use; particular foods–e.g. prepared/canned). From this, create a list of items that groups must “scavenge” (by going door to door). Divide the group into groups of 4-5. If you can, cover an area (say, around your church) on foot. If you wish to cover a wider area, make this a car rally. Give groups a specific amount of time–an hour–to collect as many of the items on their list as possible. Set ground rules to ensure group members’ safety (e.g. travel in pairs, no “racing” that might endanger anyone). After an hour, gather back at the church. Enjoy refreshments and see which team had the most luck scavenging things on their list. Invite someone from the organization to come to talk about how the items will be used (the purpose of their organization) and to thank the youth.
Tip: Ask the organization you are collecting items for to give the youth brochures about the work their organization does. These can be given out to the homes which participate in the scavenger hunt by donating an item. This will also help if anyone questions the youth about their motives.