Goat Raffle

Yes you guessed it. Do a goat raffle. First of all, go to a local farmer and get yourself a real live goat (the bigger and smellier the better). Then at the opening of the raffle, bring the live goat on stage and do some sort of skit to promote the fundraiser.

The whole idea of this fundraiser is that they DO NOT want the goat. So to start off with you have “randomly” selected the first 10 or so people to receive a “FREE TICKET” to the raffle (make sure these people are good sports and are willing to play along). These people in turn have the option of keeping the ticket and possibly winning the goat, or purchasing goat insurance, and for $10 their name will be pulled from the raffle and they have the opportunity to Nominate 2 of their friends to be entered into the raffle. Then it starts all over again, they can keep the ticket or buy insurance for $10 and nominate 2 more.

Now remember the households in your audience. One insurance police will protect one person but two insurance policies will render the entire house sufficiently goat insured.

The going rate for a goat is between $50 and $75 (I’m in Canada) and on the opening day of this raffle we pulled in $120 with many names nominated. By the time the raffle is over you can safely project that approximately 70% of your audience will have purchased insurance. So count up your audience, take 70% of that number and multiply it by $10 and that is how much money you should be able to bring in from this event.