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Our youth group is insane.
When I came they asked if I played bucketball. They then told me of a game that sounds like a basketball/football/rugby combo. Two buckets (garbage cans, milk crates, holes in the ground) are placed at either end of any kind of field. The group is divided into two teams. The ball used could be any ball – football, soccerball,
nerf ball, rugby ball, small child (actually
there might be a concern there). The goal is
to get the ball into the other team’s bucket.
Any means necessary to score, or stop the other team can be used. You can kick the ball, run interference, tackle, throw the ball forwards or backwards. The only thing not allowed, is touching the bucket to cover it or move it. It is insane. It is rough, but our girls love it – once they get over the intense fear. It is wise to have a
cell phone near by for 911 calls. 🙂

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