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Pool Noodle Hockey

This is a fun, hyper game played in a gym. You get about 12-16 pool noodles in two different colors. Like orange for one team and purple for the other. Put two cones on each end of the gym to serve as goals. Use a soft plastic ball, the kind you get each spring at WalMart for about .88. You play the game just like hockey using the pool noodles as hockey sticks. The older teens like to fold the noodle into a U shape and beat at the ball. I don’t allow them to carry it in the U shape, only hit it. It’s fun and if you get hit with the “hockey stick” it doesn’t hurt. Sometimes we just whack at each other with the noodles, but limit this to a short explosion of fun because someone might get hurt.

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2 Good 1 Bad 1 Great

Some youth are very excited and talkative and some are quiet. I find that it is easy to pay attention to the more outgoing kids in my group and sometimes the quiet get ignored. The “2 good 1 bad 1 great” concept is to give every teen a chance to share how their day or week has been. It’s real simple and a fun way to have “praise/ testimony” time. Tell them you want to hear how their week has been and they can share 2 good things that has happened followed by one bad thing and end it on a very positive note with one GREAT thing that has happened in the past week. If you have a small group you can let everyone share. If you have a large group let 6 or so share.

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