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Chocolate Bar Scramble – Variation

Our version of Chocolate Bar Scramble is a little simpler and our kids love it.

We stack oven mitts, a knife and fork, and the chocolate bar in the middle of the table. (An Aero bar or other plain bar with the paper and foil wrappers works the best, but they’re getting harder to find!) Then we roll the dice as explained in the other version. When someone gets a 6, they have to put on the oven mitts, pick up the knife and fork, and try to open the wrappers and slice a piece of the chocolate bar off and put it in their mouth. Rolling for 6s and taking over continues. The first person to get a piece of the chocolate in their mouth wins the chocolate bar. (They are encouraged to share, of course.) We use a new fork for each round.

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Beach Party on the Cheap

If you like the beach-party-in-the-middle-of-winter idea but don’t have that kind of budget, you can try our version.

Our youth group meets in our home, so we don’t have as much space as a gym, and we only met for our usual 2 hours. We happened to have a sand-coloured carpet, but you could put down beige blankets for sand. We put a tape on with sea sounds and turned up the thermostat. We asked kids to wear (or bring to change into) shorts and t-shirts and bring lawn chairs.

For part of the evening, we put up a net across the livingroom and played beach volleyball with a balloon. They loved it and went back to it after snack time. (We had summer foods like ice cream.) After the sea sounds, we put on the Beach Boys music. It was a lot of fun.

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Testimony Night

We belong to a small church and the youth meet in our home. Every now and then, we invite a member of our congregation to join us for the evening. They play the games and eat with us then, during what would normally be devotional time, they share their testimony and the kids can ask them questions about what it was like for them growing up as a teen. It’s a good chance for the youth and the older members of the church to get to know each other.

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