Bess Higgs

Reverse Scavenger Hunt

Because my kids were not very Bible literate, I came up with the following “reverse” scavenger hunt.

Split up into teams (4-5 per team). Each team is given their first clue which is the text for a particular Bible verse (without the Book, chapter & verse). For example, the first text might be “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son…” The teams then have to find the text in their bibles and come show me. I then give them a hint to the location of their next clue, which is another bible text. I use familiar verses and stories, and assign 10 points to each clue. If they get stumped, they can “buy” hints with points. The team with the fewest points at the end of the game makes snack for the group.

You’ve Got Prayers

I went to the local office supply store and bought do-it-yourself postcard and printed them up with the following message:

You’ve been prayed for!
The Youth Fellowship of Christ Congregational Church prayed for you today. May God shower love and grace down upon you and hold you always safe in the palms of God’s loving hands. May peace and love be yours through Christ Jesus. Amen.

I used our desktop publishing software to make them look jazzy. I then got from the church secretary a list of every single person in our church database and made labels for the postcards. The cards went into a big ole cardboard box that is wrapped up like a present with a hole in the top. Every Wednesday evening at our group’s prayer and worship time, we pass the box around and everyone picks out one card. We then read aloud the names of each card and pray specifically for that person. The next morning, I mail the cards to the people we’ve prayed for.

This has been a very powerful outreach tool for our kids, teaching them to pray for others, especially people they may not know. The people who receive the cards often tell us that the prayer cards reached them at a time when the felt particularly in need of prayer, and some of the people who have received cards have begun attending services regularly again.

Peace and Blessings