horse cup

you will need; softball sized duct tape ball, mop, two cups, and duct tape.
to set up the game place the cups on the floor about 15′ apart. then place a peice of duct tape on the ground about twenty feet away from a wall, any wall.
how to play. this will play a lot like cricket. the changes are, the mop has to be swung starting above the head. if the mop hits the duct tape ball then the runner has to run with the mop between the legs like she is riding a horse.
she keeps running around the two cups until hit by the ball. to keep it fair, team B has to throw the ball from were it lands, even if it misses on the first try you have to throw it from where it lands.
if the pitcher hits the cup that is on the batters side the batter is out. if the batter hits the cup with her mop she is out and then must line up, face against the wall were the duct tape line is. the pitcher then stands at the line and trows the ball at the batter.
points are scored by how many times you go around each cup.