Sycamore Leaves

Go to the nearest Sycamore tree. Several grow around my house, so this was easy. Collect the amount of leaves you need. Take a single leaf, and put it in between two squares of wax paper. Take an Iron, on a numer 1 or 2 setting, and a very small amount of steam. Press the leaf in between the wax paper. After you steam it just a little bit, then take the steam off, and use the iron dry to finish pressing it. The wax paper seals itself around the leaf. When you are finished, and the paper has cooled, you can write the child’s name on the outside of the wax paper. You need to leave it in a square (not cut around the leaf). If you cut around the edge of the leaf, then you will have nothing to seal the wax paper together, therefore, deafeating the purpose of pressing it. this craft relates to the Story of Zaccheus and Sycamore tree. Luke 19