Forgiveness in a Flash

I have used this in many retreats and meetings and it always gets a lot of oooh’s and ahh’s from the group.

This is best used to start or end a lesson on the forgiveness of God.

Obtain some flash paper. This can be found at magic shops or pyrotechnics companies and they’ll usually sell you 8.5X11 sheets in packs of 25 or. I take those sheet and cut them into fourths leaving me with smaller rectangles.

Each student will receive a piece of flash paper and a marker (Sharpie’s work best). Ask the students to write something that represents their sin. Remember the paper is small and thin, so remind them they don’t need to write every sin, just something that represents it. Ask them to take some time and pray over the paper, praying for God to forgive those sins. Then they should bring you the piece of paper. Don’t let the students do the lighting!

You should be stationed in an area with no flammable things close by sitting or standing behind a lit candle. Take the student’s paper and pray over it. Then light just the edge of the paper and throw it into the air. The paper will burn in a flash leaving behind no ashes or other residue. Make sure you practice burning it before the students arrive. It takes a little practice to get it right.

End with a discussion on forgiveness and how once your sins are forgiven God forgets them and will never bring them up again.