Diagnosis Psychosis

This was a fun idea that we tried out for our sleep over…it worked great.
We gave each of our youth another personality to be…the catch was that the person has a problem with their personality, that only shows up in when we are in a particular room..one that we were in a lot during the sleepover, but not the one we slept in or used for wide games. The teens had to try to figure out what the diagnosis of the others were. We gave them each a paper with the teens names on them and they could carry them with them and write down their guesses. Prizes can be given for the best “psychologists” in the group. Our leaders did this too.

We gave them their personallities the day before and told them to keep the problems a secret but they could share their names…It helped to build excitement to the sleepover and they kinda got into the characters a bit. They were not sure what they were going to be doing with it all before they came either.

Some of the persons that were given to them were as follows:
Theodore Sidestreet was always beside himelf…that meant he was always thinking he was like the person beside him..and did things that that person did.
Sarah Slurp was obsessed with spaghetti and ate all food like spaghetti – slurp and all.
Dill Cucumber- was afraid of pickles and would scream when someone talked about pickles.
Valerie Cocoa- Gets the urge to stand on her head when she hears about chocolate.
Axel Skate- does a jump when he hears his name.
Skippy Blesso- sneezes when he hears the leader’s name.
Ella Giggle- is scared of laughter and screams when people laugh.
Alexander Bell- gets itchy armpits when the phone rings or he hears about a phone.
Barbie Flake- is obsessed by snow… she kept bringing in snow and eating it..putting it on chips and on her cereal in the morning.
Kay McDonald- obsessed with french fries.

Those are a few of our ideas I am sure you could come up with many more. A help was that we wrote down on a small paper the names of the people and their problems so we could help…like by talking about pickles..or chocolate…or whatever would help….

Have fun with it!