(The least amount of people that know about this, the better the outcome will be!)
This game can get pretty intense, so you might need to modify it before playing. It works well with a lot of people. You start out with 14 people on stage, (one of them will be you) or wherever you can see them well. One of them will represent Jesus, and the other 12 will represent the disciples. You will explain this to the audience. You will also explain the great commission as described in Matt. 28:19-20. The 12 disciples will be “saved” by using the ABC method (Admit, Believe, Confess).
That is the easy part, here comes the fun part. You will have Jesus “commission” his disciples to go and tell everyone about him, leading them to him using the same ABC method. So your disciples will actually go into your audience and begin to do this. Also, anyone that is “saved” will also begin to get up and start to share. They will probably start going about it very slowly, taking their time.
What they don’t know is that every 30 sec. to a min. there will be “news” coming in of various tragedies – car accidents, floods, etc.. you can decide. When the “news” comes in (you can either use a screen and video projector, or someone can come in saying “Extra extra…) anyway, with each news story, people in your audience will “die” with or without Christ. This happens by saying something like- “A tornado just swept through ______ and all of you that are wearing a watch just died.” You can change the scenarios up to fit your audience, but more and more people will “die”. Soon, people will figure this out, a sense of urgency will begin to set in. You might even see some people get out of their seats and try to run and find someone to “lead them to Christ”. To keep order, tell your audience that they need to stay in their seats until someone can get to them.
As far as the people that “die” are concerned, anyone that dies w/o Jesus will be sent to an alternate location which will become known as “hell”. You can even decorate this room appropriately and have some costumed “demons” waiting for them to make sure that there is no fun or talking in Hell. For those who died with Christ, you can do the same, only take them to heaven. To end the game, let the “Rapture” occur and bring everyone back into the main room. Then you can explain to them that it is our job to tell people about Jesus. People die every day without him, and we should be using every opportunity to share Jesus with someone.