Championship Duck Duck Goose

We have a pretty large youth group, and found this game works best with the more kids that you have!
It’s the basic setup of “Duck Duck Goose” (where one person goes around a circle of sitting down kids, tapping them on the head saying “duck” or “goose”. When they say “goose”, the person tagged must jump up and chase the other around the circle and try to tag them before they sit down in the vacant spot) We played so that there were 90 kids all in a circle, with 3-6 ‘taggers’ at one time. It gets kinda crazy, make sure they’re all running in the same direction. If a kid being chased gets tagged before reaching the vacant spot, they must sit in the middle. When you have about 15 kids ‘out’ in the middle, start another game within the bigger circle. We ended up having three circles going, each inside a bigger one.