Anna Wiley

Joke Crafters

This is a great game to get a group started. Have the kids make a pool of words (nouns or verbs) by calling them out. A leader or volunteer should write them down on slips of paper, and put them into a hat. Have the kids partner up and choose 3-4 words from the hat. They then have to use all of the words they drew in a joke that they make up. It can be corny or punny. Each set of partners will then share their joke with the group. (You might have one partner read the question and the other read the punchline). The joke that gets the most laughs wins!

Joke Matching

Find silly kids’ jokes on Yahooligans or other places online. Write the question and punch line down on separate slips of paper. Mix them up and have each kid draw one. Next they have to find their partner, i.e., the kid with the other half of their joke (either the question or the punchline). After the kids have all paired off, have the partners stand up and read their joke. Sometimes it’s pretty funny if the punchlines are not matched to the correct joke! This game can be used as a creative way to get a group into partners as a way to prepare for another game, such as a “getting to know you” exercise.