Ann Tarvin

Airplane Blitz

Bring a stack of copier paper and let the kids make lots and lots of paper airplanes. Then you need some way to clearly divide the room in half. (The taller the divider the better.) A couch works, but even better was a rolling chalk board. Put half the kids on each side of the divider. Put half the paper airplanes on each side of the divider. Explain that they can only throw ONE plane at a time and they must stop when the leader says “stop”. Say “Go”. They throw the airplanes over the divider as fast as they can. Planes are flying in both directions. Let them go about 3 minutes. Give them a ten second warning and then say “stop”. Count the airplanes on each side of the divider. The team with the least number of planes wins. Repeat it a number of times, keeping track of the wins to get the champions.
A quicker variation: Throw a big bag of loose socks.

Hold Your Breath Relay

Have group split into two teams. Designate a start and finish line. Give each team member a drinking straw and each team a single three inch square of tissue paper. The first person puts the paper on the end of the straw and keeps it in place by inhaling. No hands touch the tissue paper after that. Each team member runs to the line and back and must pass it to the next player. If the paper falls off, the person who drops it needs to pick it up again using only the straw and their breath. First team to get everyone over the line and back wins.

Stack Tilt

Bring a box of ginger snaps or graham crackers. Have one or two kids volunteer to be stackers. The rest of the kids take turns lying on a couch on their backs. The stackers see how many crackers can be stacked in a pile on each forehead. The person with the highest stack wins. Usually laughing knocks the stack over early.