Bus Ride Game

Set out 7 rows of chairs evenly depending on the size of your group. So, if you have 70 youth, set out 7 rows of 10 chairs. Leave some space as the young people will need this to move. The youth then sit on the chairs.

Tell them that they are traveling on a bus. The same people travel on the bus everyday of the week. Because everyone wants to sit at the front for the best view, the bus driver allocates different people different days. The front row is for Monday, the second Tuesday and so on. Tell the youth, they are sitting in the assigned rows. When you call out a day, say Wednesday, al the youth have to re-arrange themselves according to order of the days of the week. So, those who were assigned to sit in the front on Wednesday go to the front of the bus. They need to then sit in rows in day order back from that, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday etc.

Give them a couple of trial runs then tell them that you will start eliminating people who go in the wrong row, or are last to sit down. Do this until you have 2 left. The winner is determined by sitting them in the front row at the two ends. One on the left hand side the other the right. Have them turn run out of their seat starting on their side of the bus, run around the bus and sit in the chair opposite them. The first to do so is declared the winner.