Andrew Gamblin

Cherry Pie

2 pie pans
2 bowls or cool whip
a jar of cherries

Place an even number of cherries in each pan and cover with cool whip so cherries cannot be seen.

Get two volunteers to compete against each other. This could be 2 youth or a youth and an adult youth worker etc. When you say go the first person to get all the cherries out of the pie wins. Here’s the catch. They can only use their mouth to get the cherries out. VERY MESSY but a lot of fun! Prizes could include a jar of cherries or a piece of pie.

Go Get It

Get two volunteers. Call out an item and say go. The first one back with that item, wins a prize. Items could include: a sock, a chair, toilet paper, a hair bow, a girl wearing a red shirt, a guy wearing no socks, etc..