Amy Anikewich


Ever heard of a BoxAthon? Well once your youth have tried it, they will be begging to do it again and again.

The concept is simple … You raise pledges to live in a box for 24 hours.

Have your youth gather up Fridge, Stove, Freezer, Wash / Dryer Boxes (all that you can get for free at the end of delivery days for any major retailer), have them bring box cutters, and a large roll of duck tape. We allow our girls to make “apartments” with girls and guys with guys, by joining their boxes to make large forts. They are allowed to bring items to keep them entertained (you can set any number of limits, we allow them to bring portable TV’s, Video Game Stations, and such, but we censor all material first and they are responsible to bring their own extension cords for these items as well as food). The less you have to supply as the leader the better. Give them about 1 to 2 hours to complete their structures, and then send them in their boxes. We allow 5 minutes on every hour to use the bathroom and stretch. I recommend doing this activity outside if possible, we just did one in our churchs gym (since it was January and all) and just the fragments from the cut boxes was a big enough mess, let alone all the trash teens make. Be prepared that your teens will get anxious toward the end, but overall they are going to have a great time!

Raw Egg Roulette

You purchase any quantity of raw eggs (the more you have the longer the possibility of the game lasting)You then hard boil the eggs, leaving one less the number of people playing the game raw (Example – 4 people playing, leave 3 eggs raw – 10 people playing, leave 9 eggs raw) After you’ve boied the eggs – number them 1 through however many you have, and write those numbers on slips of paper. Each player, one at a time,pulls out a slip of paper, they then have to take the corresponding egg and break it on their foreheads (Example – they draw number 33, they pick up egg number 33). If the egg is hardboiled then they stay in the game, if the egg is raw then they head up with “Egg on their face” (literally) and are out of the game. The game continues till the last player without egg on their face is left, making them the winner of the game!