Egg Bomber

This game is messy so be prepared. Have kids volunteer themselves, or if they are chicken, you can choose. Each kid you choose needs to choose a partner of their choice.

The first group of kids chosen have to lay on the ground next to each other, on their backs with a garbage bag over their shirt so they don’t get it wrecked. Give each child on the ground a plastic cup. They need to hold this cup on their forehead for the rest of the game. If they move the cup from their forehead, they have to hold their cup in their mouth.

The partners that the kids chose need to stand on a chair at the head of their partner who is on the ground. each kid standing on a chair receives 4 eggs. When they are ready, the partners on the chairs need to crack open the eggs one at a time and drop into the cup that their partner is holding. Make sure the kids standing on the chairs don’t lean over or bend down.

Once all pairs are finished, the winner is the pair with the most egg in their cup. 🙂