Memory Verse Shootout

This game tests the memory verses of your youth. Play this with a group that you’ve been with for some time or when discussing the importance of committing verses to memory.

Split the group into two teams . Now name a word that is found all throughout the Bible (e.g. God, Word, Christ, love, etc). One member from the first team quotes a verse that has that word. The other team responds by having one of its members quoting another verse that has that word. No one can say a verse that has already been said. Only one team member has to stand and it’s up to the teams to strategize who quotes what verse and when.

Continue until one team makes a mistake or can’t come up with a verse containing that word. If this happens the point goes to the team that has successfully quoted the last verse. Pick another word from the Bible and this time the team that lost starts anew.

As the gamemaster, only you can open a Bible or reference guide. You can also use a computer program to make sure the verses being said are correct. This is a great way for everyone to recall verses and it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on those that have only a few verses memorized.