Flags or marker poles, one for each team
One flashlight for each player
Lots of small, empty boxes or bags – anything that can symbolize provisions
One larger box for each team to store their provisions


This is a competitive role-playing survival game for any number of teams of 2. Stash! is best played at night, so make sure you have enough flashlights with new batteries to go around. Each player will have his own flashlight.

Beginning the Game – Each team (the Villagers) starts at their home base, their “Stash.” Mark the bases with a small bright flag or brightly painted pole. If possible, spread the teams out enough that their Stashes are not in each other’s range of vision (play in a wooded or semi-wooded area if possible). The goal of each team is to search out and gather provisions from their Supplier at the other end of the field or playing area and deposit them in their stash. The Suppliers are played by adult leaders. There is one Supplier for each team.

Team Roles – Each team member plays a different role. One team member will play the part of the Carrier. The Carrier is responsible for transporting the provisions from the Supplier to the team’s Stash. He can only carry 3 boxes of provisions at a time. The other team member plays the part of the Protector. The Protector is responsible for guarding, and he must choose carefully exactly what he will guard. He may act as a bodyguard for the Carrier on his team, traveling with the Carrier to and from the Supplier to shield him from the other Protectors. A Carrier traveling without a bodyguard is vulnerable; if he is caught in the flashlight beam of another team’s Protector, he is taken prisoner for a period of 3-5 minutes (whatever your preference) and if he is carrying provisions, they are confiscated. Lone Carriers cannot use a flashlight to capture other unguarded Carriers.
The Protector may also choose to guard his Stash and leave the Carrier to travel alone. This why:

The Raiders – There is another party at work during the gameplay – the Raiders. The Raiders are two teams of bandits who roam the playing field, searching for unguarded Stashes. If they find a Stash unguarded, they may steal any provisions they find there and return them to their own Stash. The two teams of Raiders are enemies, however. If one team of Raiders finds the other team’s Stash unguarded, they may plunder the entire Stash and return the provisions to their own Stash. More often than not, though, they will find their own Stash stolen in their absence! (Villagers cannot plunder the Stashes of the Raiders, nor can they rob each other’s Stashes). Only Suppliers may plunder the Stashes of the Raiders and redistribute the goods to their respective teams.
Raiders cannot kidnap lone Carriers or confiscate their provisions by catching them in their flashlight beam.

Once a team of Villagers manages to gather 9 boxes (or bags – whatever items you use) of provisions (3 trips’ worth), these are “locked” and cannot be stolen by the Raiders. Set them aside from the rest of the Stash. These 9 boxes are counted as one Unit of survival. Raiders cannot “lock” sets of provisions. The object of the game is to collect as many Units as possible. Whoever collects the most Units wins, Raiders and Villagers inclusive. Stash! can last from 30 minutes-1 hour or longer, depending on your personal preference.