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Remember that simple board game ‘Sorry!’? Well, this is that game made youth group savvy. The kids are the pieces, and you can play as many kids on the board at a time as you want.

We have made our Mega-Sorry! track out of chairs or tape on the floor. Have twice as many spaces (at least) than players (see original board for ideas on layout). The kids start from 4 different “home rows” (green, red, blue, and yellow), but are also labelled “A”,”B”,”C”, (a..b..c..a..etc include “D”‘s if necessary.) Tell them to line up alphabetically (abcdabcd) in their home row. The goal is to get around the track and safely to their colour’s goal without getting knocked off the board.

Draw real Sorry! cards or roll dice (2). Announce which letter will be moving and then call the number. Example “A5!” “B12!”
2=move two, roll again
3=move three
4=move four BACKWARDS (always backwards…so getting a four as you come out of home row can be a huge help as you back up past your goal and now can go straight in)
5=move five
6=move ONE (there were no sixes in Sorry!)
7=move between 1 to 7 (players preference)
8=move eight
9=SORRY! The player at the front of the home line can knock any player off the board and take their place. Otherwise move ZERO.
10=move forward 10 or back 1
11=move 11 or SWITCH places with any other player.
12=move 12

The player at the front of the home row can come out automatically when their letter is called. Players knock off other players of different colours when they land on an occupied square. Players of the same colour can share a square, but if attacked by another coloured player ALL the occupants get knocked off, except the attacker(s). If two players attack the same square on the same turn, we decided they both get knocked off. Players must land in the goal EXACTLY or they rebound backwards the remainder of the roll.

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