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Parts of the Body (of Christ)

This one makes a good Ice Breaker type game to warm them up, but you can also give a little Biblical application at the end if you choose:

What You’ll Need:
You will need to make a pretty good stack of cardboard cutout cards with the name of the common body parts written on both sides of them: Elbow, Knee, Forehead, Ear, Nose, Ankle , Etc. making the one side different from the other.
Make enough for about 5-6 max per every two students, and make them about 5-6 inches square.

How To Play:
Split the students into pairs, boys with boys and girls with girls. Next, give each pair one card to start, and tell them they must put the card between the body parts that are written on each side.
For example: “Knee and Foot” would have them trying to hold the card between the knee of one student and the foot of the other.
Keep adding cards until they finally drop one – whoever drops a card is out. However, is the last still standing wins.

Optional Application:
Just like you have to use your various body parts to work together to complete a common goal (winning the game). So also we (the Body of Christ) are to work together to in competeing for the prize – the call of Jesus on the Church – the Great Commission.
Each student has a particular gift from God that is meant to build up the Body is this way so that we the Church can fulfill what Christ has called us to.

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