Ice Cream Sundae Relay

This is definitely an outside game, but it is great for any size group. Purchase individual ice cream cups or some kind of individual ice cream treat. The idea is that it is cold! You will also need whipped cream, the kind in the can, chocolate syrup, and some 8-10 inch balloons. Don’t be too cheap with the balloons they will break before you get a chance to use them. You need enough stuff for every participant. FYI, it takes about half a can of whipped cream for each balloon.
Partially inflate a balloon and put the whipped cream and chocolate syrup in. Finish blowing up the balloon and tie it off (the bigger the pop the bigger the mess). Again, you will need one of these for every person in the relay. Set up a table with the ice cream. Ten or so feet away set up chairs and place the ballons beside them. The kids have to chow down the ice cream, run to the chairs, grab a balloon, pop it by sitting on it, run back and tag the next person. The team that’s done first gets the prize. As messy as this can be the kids will ask when they can play it again. The leaders like it too. Have fun!!