Everybody’s IT!

This game has been more succesful in our youth ministry than any other game. The kids can’t get enough of it.
The concept is this: Everyone is it. Anyone can tag anyone else. When you are tagged, you have to sit on the ground, until the person who tagged you is tagged by someone else. When they are tagged, they sit down, and anyone that they tagged are free, and can get back up and continue to tag others. If two people tag each other at the same time, they both sit down for 30 seconds, and then are free to continue.
When the game has been played for about 15 or so minutes, scream “ELIMINATION!” This turns the game into an elimination round. Once you are tagged, you are out, and have to stand outside of the boundaries. Continue to shrink the boundaries down as the amount of players remaining decreases. Eventually, two people are left, and then one wins.
This game keeps everyone moving, and is best in a courtyard. Set boundaries are a must.