My Father is a Pastor and…

During the summer my church doesn’t have a youth group, so a lot of us teens have been getting together and putting our own lessons together. I wanted to grab everyone’s attention so I decided to play a game. In Girl Scouts we used to play “My father owns a grocery tore and in this grocery store there are..”
The first person says something that starts with an A. The next person repeats everything the first person said, and then they add something that starts with a B…and so on.
I decided to do it a little different. I changed “My father owns a grocery store” to “My father is a pastor and in his lessons he teaches us about…” Every letter has to deal with God somehow. A could be ark. B-bible.
Have everyone sit in a circle for this. That way you can add a twist to the game. If someone has the letter S for example, and they say Second Samuel (2 words beginning with that same letter) then switch directions of whose turn it is to go next. In other words, if you were going clockwise before, go counter clockwise. If someone forgets a letter, forgets what someone said, or can’t figure out what to say for their letter within like 10 seconds, count them out. Whoever is left gets a prize. I went to a Christian gift store and bought little prizes and candy with scripture on it. I think it’s going to be a hit!