Test of Courage

Supplies: Glow sticks
Location: Woods
Additional supplies: depends on activities you choose

The test of courage begins by first telling the youths that it is time for lights out. About 30 mins, after they have gone to bed, wake them up military style (We have pounded on the doors, and turned on the lights). Pull them out of bed, but don’t tell them anything except that you forgot to do one last activity and that they were going to do it now. Using the glow sticks, have someone during lights out, go and setup the glowsticks as checkpoints in the woods. Without flashlights, you will have small groups of kids go into the woods 10 mins apart. The adults should follow but only as a guide to keep them on the correct path. Let the kids lead the hike. At each glowstick (Checkpoint) have a small puzzle or activity that they must complete before continuing. This is when hidden staff members will jump out and scare the youths. Also have staff members hidding along the path, breaking branches, moving bushes etc, but not to be seen. Ultimately you will hear screams back at camp, and the next group will be wondering what is going on, until it is their turn.

Moral: At the end of the hike which ends back at camp, the kids are told that even though things might be scary, as long as they trust in God, and in their friends, that they will be able to see the light and move foward.