You will need:
1/2 Dz Eggs PER small TEAM
2 Bowls PER TEAM
Something to clean up with.
Couple of eggs left to one side.

WARNING: Activity recommended for outside or somewhere where there is NO carpet.

As you read instructions remember that you will do each of the following PER TEAM.

Split kids into teams. Set two bowls at either end of the room. Break 1/2 dz eggs in one of the bowls.

Have kids race to other side of the room relay style, transfering the runny eggs with only their hands. Lots of laughs and lots of mess. See who can get there the fastest.

Read Jonah. Explain that when you belong to God He has bought and paid for you with the blood of his son. Therefore He has the right to complete authority over your life and not only that but He has the right to require obedience from you. He only does it because he loves you and wants you to reach the goal in one piece.

At this point, have somebody pick up the remaining whole eggs still in their shells that you put to one side, and carry them carefully from one end of the room to the other. Make sure they navigate all the spills and nasty stuff. Explain that just like the eggs being carried, we can’t always see the messes around us so it’s best to obey up front.

Go back to Jonah and explain how Jonah didn’t obey and it got awfully messy for him (fish guts, seaweed etc). However God being all-powerful still carried out His original plan for Ninevah AND Jonah and He will do the same for all His children.

We have two options and it is up to each of us which to choose. We can choose option one: to obey and let Him carry us carefully and easily through the mess and mire to arrive safely at the other side. Then again like Jonah we can choose option two and God will still accomplish that which He intends to do, it will just get messy for us -which is usually painful to boot.

Remind them next time they have a choice, stop and think about Jonah and the Eggs!