House on Fire

House on Fire is a great game to play with large groups. It helps shy youth interact with the rest of the group. Must have an even amount of players, boys paired with girls. The boys are then given secret numbers from 1 to whatever amount of pairs you have.
All you need is a circle of chairs with the pairs holding hands. Leave two chairs out and one pair left standing. The pair left standing must yell out commands.

Commands to yell out to the group:
Everyone grabs their partner and changes seats. This gives the pair standing an oportunity to sit and leave others standing.
Everyone lets go and finds a new partner and new seats.
3. Calling numbers: even numbers or odd numbers may be called or several individual numbers. Since the girls dont know the number, they are never aware when to stand and run. All numbers called must change seats.
This game may get a little loud, but the youth have a lot of fun and get to interact with everyone. Note: Keep the circle neat. They may try to run to seats. If there are half pairs seated, for instance one boy seated holding a girl standing and another girl seated holding a boy standing, the couple with the first girls seated gets the chairs and the other couple is left standing. Youth then shuffle until the pair is seated, then continue.